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    FAQ --

    Q1. What format you deliver these accounts on?

    Answer- As per customer requirement but mostly we use Excel.

    Q2. How Quickly You Deliver?

    Answer- Mostly we send delivery instantly or maximum 30 minutes. if order is 500 or 1000 then then it will take 6 hours.

    Q3. Can you please the Non-Working Gmail’s I have purchased?

    Answer- We always deliver 100 % working accounts if any update server reason accounts will not work then client have 3 to 7 days guarantee time depend on product, we are giving mention in all pages.

    Q4. Is it possible to get some test accounts before buying them?

    Answer- Yes, come on chat box or skype end what’s app talk with live agent end get account for test.

    Q5.How long the accounts take to get it on my email after payment?

    Answer- Maximum 5 to 10 minutes but if stock is not available then 3 to 6 hours maximum.

    Q6. Are these USA verified Gmail accounts?

    Answer- Yes, accounts are USA verified but we delete number after verify end created with USA proxy but you can use them in all over the would 1 ip maximum 10 accounts then clear your browser end cookies.

    Q7. After I buying, can I change the recovery phone number?

    Answer- Yes, you can after buying accounts are yours you can change but be carefully if accounts are new then it may disabled do it slowly & gradually.

    Q8. How long will these emails work?

    Answer- It depends on you how you take care of accounts if accounts are new end your behavior are for using accounts like old then it will not work you should have to understand first what your work end what aged accounts you need to buy.

    Q9. Will they work forever or they will be deactivated at some stage?

    Answer- Yes, this will work if you take care of it end after buying from us change number as yours then you can use it longer as expected.

    Q10. Which provider has less problems? Yahoo or Gmail or outlook?

    Answer- Gmail have less issues then yahoo end outlook.

    Q11. I would like to purchase 2008-2012 Gmail’s?

    Answer- Mostly in market are selling fake aged Gmail’s date can be change of inbox massages but my accounts are real aged full activities only use for some of purpose but real aged you can check in setting created date which no one can change.

    Q12. Can I buy old aged USA Gmail?

    Answer- Yes of-Course you can buy from this platform we have old USA Gmail’s only for used CPA marketing.

    Q13. Do these have a perfect captcha score?

    Answer- yes if you will buy old Gmail’s 2013 to 2018 they have perfect captcha score accounts have activities not just old.

    Q14. What info I can provide for custom?

    Answer- For custom order you need to provide us what type of name you want that list we will try same name if not available then we will put ahead some digits to complete it.

    Q15. Do you accept Custom Orders?

    Answer-yes we accept custom orders that price is different then regular you should have to contact with us by skype, whatsApp no, email & chat box of website.

    Q16. How quickly can you make me large quantity account like 500 or 1000 or more?

    Answer-mostly we have stock in hand to provide you instantly delivery some of time if not have then 3 hours maximum you need to wait for delivery.

    Q17. Can I buy old Gmail accounts?

    Answer-yes you can buy old Gmail’s you need to know what aged accounts you want we have different aged accounts all categories have different rate.

    Q18. Do you have 2008 Gmail accounts?

    Answer-yes we have 2008 Gmail’s they have lots of activities & very strong accounts real aged.

    Q19. Can I give custom names for accounts?

    Answer- yes you can give custom name & we accept custom orders that price is different then regular you should have to contact with us by skype, whatsApp no, email & chat box of website.

    Q20. Are these made on unique i.p address?

    Answer- yes we make all accounts with texler paid unique ips to create accounts we prefer to customer to use USA ips also where ever you are.

    Q21. How to buy with crypto currency?

    Answer- you can check out on website by crypto bitcoin & the good news is we are giving 10 % discount on all of items.

    Q22. What’s the Replacement Guarantee?

    Answer- you have guarantee time to check your accounts all are working condition we are giving you time depends you order normally 3 to 5 days if you buy bulk then 7 to 10 days also we give.

    Q23. What are the Buying Options?

    Answer- we are showing all information on our website how to buy with pics end avedios very simple it is select any one package you like end click on the order button fill your info with your email where we will send you delivery as well.

    Q24. Discount for Bulk Order?

    Answer- yes we are offering discounts on bulk orders you can check on the packages different rata as bulk as you will buy you will get much discount then previous lower package.

    Q25. Are these pop3 enabled?

    Answer- that is different then normal Gmail’s if you want pop3 enable accounts contact us.

    Q26. Why do I need to buy Gmail Accounts (PVA) product?

    Answer-first of all you cannot make bulk accounts with our phone verification secondly if once you will verified it pva then you can use to it as longer as real accounts.

    Q27. Will I get banned? Can I buy safe Gmail Accounts (PVA)?

    Answer- yes you need to understand about your work strength then decide what categories of account work for you fresh accounts have there on job if you take work from fresh accounts as older once it will must banned end if you will keep using same ip to login above then 10 accounts without clearing browser history end cookies it will must banned your accounts.

    Q28. Is the delivery of Gmail Accounts fast? Is it safe to deliver them faster?

    Answer- instantly delivery, we are giving 100% of all order 98% delivery we gives in under 5 minutes.

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